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Health Savings Accounts are Permanent and Portable
Preventative Visits usually covered at 100% (no co-pay)
High Deductible Health Insurance
Deductible must be at least $1,000 for individual and $2,000 for family
Most Health Savings Account plans have In and Out of Network Benefits
(Freedom to chose medical providers without network restrictions)
Tax Savings
Funds are contributed Tax-free
Funds gain interest Tax-free
Withdrawals made for medical services, dental, vision, OTC drugs, LTC, and Cobra premiums are Tax-free
Allows member to save taxes on medical costs and builds savings for future health care expenses
Funds can be withdrawn at age 65 without penalty
More control over own healthcare decisions
2008 Annual Contribution Limits are:
$2,900 for an Individual and $5,800 for Family
Health Savings Account Plans are more affordable than most Traditional Copay Plans
(Lower Monthly Premiums)
Money in Health Savings Account rolls over every year and accrues Interest
Employer is able to fund HSA Account for employees and receive tax benefit
The Elan Group works with several Health Insurance Companies that offer HSA Plans:
United Healthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Avalon Healthcare and Golden Rule Insurance (for individual plans)


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