Providing a higher level of service.

The Elan Group provides our customers with communication and human resources administration tools that are tailored to the customersā€™ needs and current payroll administration systems.

Our plans include the following services:

Single Source Billing and Payroll Deduction
The Elan Group provides single source billing as an option to all of its clients. This allows the employer to provide a benefit plan with a minimal amount of cost on their part and the ability to cherry pick from the best of breed benefit offerings without being confined to one carrier. The Elan Group will provide a single bill for the employer, and handle all of the premium remittance to multiple carriers for them.

Section 125 Administration
Through the various carriers we represent we can provide excellent, and complete Section 125 Administration. Typically, the Elan Group is able to provide its clients with Flexible Benefits free of charge.

In House Enrollment Team
The Elan Group takes a personalized approach to each enrollment and provides the support Human Resources needs leading up to and through the enrollment process. We can meet individually with each employee to review their elections and educate them on changes, and to assist with scheduling and facilitating information sessions and off site locations. Depending upon client's employee size, we will often imbed a full time enrollment counselor for the client's Human Resources to use at their disposal.  The Elan Group has full service enrollment capabilities to ensure a successful enrollment. 

Electronic Enrollment and Benefits Communications
The Elan Group has cutting edge technology to conduct benefits enrollment and communications. This can be as detailed as the employer would like. Covering core benefits and supplemental benefits, hidden paycheck, reporting to management, and even an employee survey composed by the employer.

The software integrates our products with other employee benefits an employer might provide. This creates awareness among the employees of some of the benefits the employer provides while documenting the employers' communication of benefits. Depending on the size of the case, some insurers will waive the fees associated with Electronic Enrollment.